Design & Optimization

Aerospace Multidisciplinarity-Enabling DEsign Optimisation (AMEDEO)

Sponsor: Marie Curie Initial Training Networks (ITN)

Partners: TUD, UL, Altair, TUM, Airbus, Rolls Royce, Von Karman Institute

The AMEDEO focuses on the development of new, innovative scientific Multi Disciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) methods that will be used to design a new generation of energy efficient aircraft, and on their application and validation on novel and critically important industrial problems.

Design Optimization of a Front Suspension System

Sponsor:Tofas A.Ş.
Suspension system of a vehicle plays an important role in maintaining comfort of the passengers by isolating and absorbing road shock from the passenger compartment. For that purpose, it is critical to understand the dynamics of the suspension system components and more importantly, how they interact with each other. In this project, we analyzed the effect of the dynamic properties (eg: mass, spring and damping) of the system components on the performance of the suspension system. We developed a methodology for defining the optimal relationship among vehicle suspension parameters and suspension performance indices.