Lab Director

  • Dr. Ipek Basdogan (Associate Professor)

Graduate Researchers

  • Mr. Amirreza Aghakhani (Ph.D. Student, 2/13 – present)
  • Mr. Murat Gozum (Ph.D. Student, 2/13 – present)
  • Mr. Omer Rustu Ergen (Ph.D. student, 2/13 – present)
  • Mr. Gokhan Serhat (Ph.D. Student, 4/14 – present)
  • Mr. Peyman Lahemotlagh (Ph.D. Student, 8/15 – present)
  • Mr. Egeman Askin (M.Sc. Student, 2/13 – present)

Research Engineers 

  • Mr. Tiago Faria (8/15 – 5/16 )


Ph.D. with thesis:

  • Dr.  Utku Boz (Ph.D. dissertation: “Active Vibration Control Of Flexible Panels Using Piezoelectric Actuators- IIR Filtering Based Adaptive Approaches And An Industrial Demonstration”, 8/11 – 2/16), current position: Post-doctoral researcher at Texas A&M University
  • Dr. Ugur Aridogan (Ph.D. dissertation: “Vibrational Energy Harvesting with Piezoelectric Patches Integrated on Plate Structures“, 2/11-7/14), current position: Controls Engineer at Punch Powertrain
  • Dr. Hakan Ucar (Ph.D. dissertation: “Vibration Response Prediction Methodologies for Coupled Structures”, 2/11-7/14),

M.Sc. with thesis:

  • Mr. Hakan Yenerer (M.S thesis: “Experimental and Numerical Prediction of Structure-Borne Noise in a Heavy Duty Truck Cabin and a Novel Regularization Methodology for FRF Based Substructuring”), 2016
  • Mr. Bugra Bayik (M.S thesis: “Finite Element Modeling of a Piezo Patch Energy Harvester and Equivalent Circuit Modeling on a Thin Plate with AC-DC Conversion”), 2016
  • Mr. Andrei Stan (M.S thesis: “Transfer Path Analysis on a Heavy-Duty Truck and a Novel Force Identification Approach”), 2015
  • Mr. Kulah, S (M.S thesis: “Simulation and Experimental Verification of Optimal Placement of Piezoelectric Actuators for Vibration Control of a Flexible Plate”), 2012.
  • Mr. Olceroglu, E. (M.S thesis: “Optimization Studies of the Front Suspension System to improve the Vibration Isolation Performance”), 2011.
  • Mr. Boz, U (M.S thesis: “Vibration Characterization and Active Vibration Control of Fully Clamped Thin Flexible Plate”), 2011.
  • Olceroglu, E (M.S thesis: “Optimization Studies of the Front Suspension System to improve the Vibration Isolation Performance”), 2011.
  • Yüksel, E (M.S thesis: “Vibro-Acoustic Design Optimization Study to Improve the Sound Pressure Level Inside the Passenger Cabin”), 2010.
  • Demirkan O (M.S thesis: “The Effects of Structural Modifications on Acoustic Characteristics of Vehicle Bodies”), Middle East Technical University, 2010.
  • Mr. Kamcı, G (M.S thesis: “Vibro-Acoustic Modeling of a Commercial Vehicle to Reduce the Interior Noise Level ”), 2009.
  • Mr. Veryeri, I (M.S thesis: “Dynamic Characterization and Modification of the Modal Properties of MEMS Structures, ”), 2009.
  • Mr. Dikmen, E (M.S thesis: “Nonlinear and Linear Modeling of the Weatherstrip Seal and Investigation of Its Efects in Vehicle Vibrations ”), 2006.
  • Mr. Anac, O (M.S thesis: “Model Validation and Performance Analyses for MEMS Design ”), 2006.
  • Ms. Meral, F.C (M.S thesis: “Sensitivity Analysis and Performance Prediction Methodology for MEMS”), 2005.